The Post Office

The Post Office



Post Office Information:

We aren't just a local DIY store we also run the Local Post Office. The local Post Office was in risk of shutting down completely but in early 2015 we decided to add it to the store. Since opening the Post Office we have been upgraded from a Local Service to a Local Plus which allows us to run various Banking and Buisness features you couldn't previosuly. 

Things you can do at our Post Office Counter, seven days a week! 

  • Withdraw Cash (Notes and Coins)
  • Pay in cash
  • Pay in cheques
  • Pay bills
  • Top up your phone
  • Transfer money by MoneyGram©
  • Buy Euros in store
  • Order and Collect other curriences
  • Buy electricity and gas credit
  • Buy and update your fishing licence
  • Tax or SORN your car 

Oh and of course you can post letters and parcels via Royal Mail or ParcelForce, you can also use us for free online shopping returns. 

If you need anymore information please contact us via the Post Office number, 01787 221538. 

Post Office Opening and Final Collection Times:

The Post Office is open whenever the main store is open, that means 7 Days a week! 

Days Opening Hours Final Collection
Monday 8AM - 6:30PM 4:55PM
Tuesday 8AM - 6:30PM 4:55PM
Wednesday 8AM - 6:30PM 4:55PM
Thursday 8AM - 6:30PM 4:55PM
Friday 8AM - 6:30PM 4:55PM
Saturday 8:30AM - 6:30PM 10:45AM
Sunday/BH 10AM - 4PM N/A

Please note that if you miss final collection the item you are sending will be sent the next working day. ParcelForce final collection times can be different each day and doesn't run Saturday or Sunday.